The Alumni

A Community for International Medical University Alumni

Welcome to the exclusive IMU Alumni online community.

Think of it as an extension of all the years you spent with the extraordinary people you met at the IMU, an ongoing effort to ensure that the bonds you built are preserved and enriched.

Being geographically dispersed across the world, whether because of professional or personal commitments, means that keeping in touch would conventionally be a rather difficult task. That's why we established this online community to enable all IMU alumni, wherever you are in the world, to connect, interact and keep up to date with the people that matter to you.

And it looks as if our efforts are bearing fruit. Since the site was launched on 29th November 2002, the University's 10th Anniversary, more than 2350 members have signed up. Our membership is regularly growing as more and more students graduate from the IMU, then seek to re-connect to their alma mater.

But it all would be for naught if nothing was happening in our little community. That's why we're constantly updating our content to keep you coming back for more. Have a great time participating in our forums, joining our online discussions, planning events and parties with your graduating batch, sharing knowledge with fresh graduates and generally being the generous, contributive individual that makes you such a powerful healthcare professional.

We hope you have as much fun using this website as we had creating it, and we look forward to your participation. All you need to do is click here to sign up.