ChM Dr Wong See Kiat: My Journey into the Realm of Chemistry

“It all started when I was an intern in the IMU’s research lab under the supervision of A/Prof Ooi Ing Hong. This was when I learnt about the basis for scientific research. He walked me through identifying the research question, setting up the objectives, writing a methodology, analysing results, etc., which are all essential in conducting scientific research. I am intrigued by his passion for research, particularly in polymer science and drug delivery, which resulted in me enrolling as his MSc student cum research assistant.”


“Then, I officially became an MSc graduate and continued living happily ever after! Something smells fishy, right? So, what happened before earning your much anticipated MSc award? MANY THINGS.”


Experience at IMU:  “It is not easy at all doing postgraduate research; you will have to start everything from scratch, referring to hundreds or even thousands of works of literature to pave your way towards your objectives. The research project should be novel and able to contribute to global knowledge and, of course, ideally can be completed within the allocated time frame.”


“Whenever I encounter problems during research, “barrier is staircase” is a quote that I always try to remind myself of during hard times. I was fortunate to have a highly supportive and well-experienced supervisory team (A/Prof Dr Ooi Ing Hong and A/Prof Dr Ng Chew Hee) throughout my MSc journey. We often discussed my research progress, and they always gave me suggestions and motivation to push me further and higher.”

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