Gaining Knowledge and Skills with an IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree

My name is Liew Sook Ling. I was from PC218 cohort and graduated with an Honours degree in Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, IMU. Currently, I am working as a Research and Development (R & D) Analyst in the YSP Industries (M) Sdn Bhd.


Coming from a science stream background in secondary school, I certainly found myself having more interest in Mathematics and Chemistry but was not sure in which direction I should proceed after graduating from high school. I am glad that my teacher introduced to me this programme known as BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry which was only offered at IMU.


After doing some research on the programme, I was attracted by the modules and concepts delivered in this programme. I was excited and eager to learn more from this programme in order to develop a career in the pharmaceutical industry.


Throughout my four years of studies in IMU’s Foundation in Science and pharmaceutical chemistry degree programmes, I can say that I am well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge through various learning activities such as lectures, tutorials, problem-based learning (PBL) and practical sessions.  These sessions have prepared me well to work in the healthcare industry after graduating from the programme.


Reflecting back to my time spent in the undergraduate studies, one of the most memorable moments that I truly appreciate and am grateful for is the opportunity to complete my internship at Alpro Pharmacy Head Office & Distribution Centre in Seremban. In Alpro, the job scope was very much different from what I have learnt in university which had mainly focus on laboratory works.

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