How My IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree Led Me to a Career in the Pharmaceutical Industry

With the understanding that I had acquired during my study, I can emphasize to the shopfloor on the importance of correctly recording the data during the manufacturing process. It gives me a great satisfaction to share the knowledge with another person.


Personally, I would say that obtaining the Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree in IMU has enabled me to be equipped with the right knowledge to enter the pharmaceutical industry. This is aligned with the motto since the day I step foot in IMU which is to Become the Future of Better Healthcare.


I have a strong belief that if you are willing to learn and have the right attitude, you can achieve anything. Failures is a part of learning process, and it is important for us to know when to take a pause and recalibrate our career and journey. Hence, my advice to the newcomers in the Pharmaceutical Industry is to always keep an open mind to learn new things. We play an important role in serving the community because we never know that the products we manufactured or oversee might be consumed by our family members and close friends.


Written by Mohd Yusri bin Mohd Yusoff (PC113)

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