Unwrapped: Final Thoughts as an IMU student

I never knew how fast 4 years can pass by until I blinked, and I am no longer the girl in a backpack with knots of nerves walking up the hill towards IMU for the first time. As the days leading up to my convocation trickled by, I started reminiscing and longed for the good old days as a student. The days where we had no strings attached and our constant worries are just assignments and exams. It is a stark difference compared to a working life.


As of now, I am working as a medical laboratory scientist at Sunway Medical Centre after being offered a position during my internship there. From listening to lectures online, now I process hundreds of patient samples, release and validate test results. My IMU lecture notes has proven its practicality as I am still using it to date as a source of reference.


I am happy to say that I am content with the routine and the mission of a laboratory scientist, hence, I aim to venture well in the diagnostic laboratory field in the future as well. I plan to achieve this by exploring the different departments of the diagnostic field and identify a specific department to focus on and specialise in. With that in mind, I could be one step closer in achieving my dreams of working in the World Health Organization (WHO) in the conceivable future.

My IMU journey has shaped me into who I am today in terms of intellectual and soft skills. It is true that the Biomedical Science programme is hectic with tons of modules and assignments. Hence, using the right tools and having time management are two components essential to survive and thrive.

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