Biomedical Science Alumni Inspire with Sharing of Career Highlights

Alumni homecomings are indeed a one-of-a-kind university affair. Sentiment and nostalgia rule the day, with shrills of joy and warm hugs a norm everywhere. Every year, the IMU Biomedical Science programme organises its annual Alumni Homecoming, an event celebrating the alumni and their stories depicting their individually unique journeys from once-students to where they are now. It is also a platform for students to polish their networking skills by developing strong ties with their fellow alumni, helping to build long-lasting relationships and enhance their knowledge of the opportunities out there in the job market.


Once held physically pre-pandemic, this year’s IMU Biomedical Science virtual homecoming event was held on 10 December 2022, hosting twenty-three alumni altogether from as far back as the pioneering cohort BM1/08 to the fresh graduates from BM1/19. Listening in were 51 other students from the BM1/20, BM1/21, and BM1/22 cohorts respectively, as well as professors and lecturers from the Biomedical Science programme.


The event kicked off with a cordial speech of welcome from the Associate Dean for the School of Health Sciences, Prof Chin Beek Yoke, followed by acknowledgements from the Biomedical Science Programme Director, Dr Tsen Min Tze, and the Head of Applied Biomedical Science and Biotechnology Division, Dr Lim Chooi Ling. Next came a brief introduction by an Alumni Relations Office representative, Indumathy Kasavan, before it was succeeded by a short introductory session where the facilitator, Dr Tsen, introduced eight alumni speakers featuring a wide range of sectors within the job market. Also present in the call were Dr Koh Rhun Yian and A/Prof Dr Chye Soi Moi, lecturers from the Biomedical Science Programme.

Up next was the industry series.

In the next session of the homecoming event, the clinical research and diagnosis series started off with:

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