IMU Chiropractic Networking Day: An Opportunity for Alumni and Students to Network

The next clinic was WELO Chiropractic, run by Loh Wei Chee, dedicated to the health and well-being of her patients. She gave a motivating speech to encourage us as students, to always believe in yourself and in your treatment to heal the patient. She emphasised for us to have confidence in our own abilities and to never give up, sharing her own motivational story in the process.


Inspired Chiropractic Spine Specialist, was owned by Christine Yap Lee Sze to inspire more people on the benefits of Chiropractic through her successful testimonials. They specialise in pregnancy and children care, with extensive experience working with families, new-borns, and children, as Christine is passionate in working with children and families on preventive care. One of the cases she shared that really caught my attention was an obstetric of brachial plexopathy of a new-born, in which the baby had a traumatic birth and injured the nerves of the right arm, showing progression in her recovery over five years of chiropractic care.

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