IMU Alumnus Represents Hong Kong in World Dodgeball Championships

“Working at NYMG has brought me many opportunities and has helped me to reflect on how the world revolves. It has also better exposed me as to what chiropractic can do and what opportunities exist,” he commented. “All in all, Dodgeball and chiropractic have been my strength and pillars of my life. I’d say, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Piong Shun Zhe was a chiropractic student at IMU from 2015- 2019 and graduated with a BSc in Chiropractic (Hons) IMU in 2019.


“During my time in IMU was intense. Intense is what shaped me into who i am today.” He was left behind with nostalgic memories consisting of good times and bad times. He commented that these were what created the perfect experience at his time on campus. He has also learnt that not only is education the key to success but that to be able to take care of yourself physically and mentally is a core characteristic in what makes him keep up with his work and dodgeball today.


IMU has created the chance for him to showcase his talent in the world stage. He was also awarded the title of “Sportsman of the Year” for excelling in his sports career and made the campus proud for his dodgeball achievements. He thanked IMU for encouraging him to persue his dream as a professional athlete and a chiropractor today. Without their support, he wouldnt have made it so far.


“Sports is an important factor in a student’s life as it helps develop leadership and confidence in a person which is crucial for a student who is soon to be a healthcare professional.” He also added that sports instill students with an attitude of never giving up, and to push through their limits.

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