IMU Pharmacy Alumnus is Founder of Online Digital Women’s Healthcare Platform

The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) (BPharm) curriculum in IMU is designed to equip students with a broad range of skills and knowledge to excel in various pharmacy settings. Throughout my degree, I gained a deep understanding of pharmacology, drug therapy, patient care, and medication management, all of which are essential skills for a pharmacist in a community or hospital setting.


BPharm curriculum in IMU focused on developing communication skills and interpersonal skills, which are critical for building relationships with patients and healthcare professionals. In addition to traditional teaching methods such as lectures, tutorials, and workshops, IMU utilises innovative teaching strategies to enhance students’ learning experiences. These methods include Problem-Based Learning (PBL) using small group discussions, industrial/clinical visits, practical sessions, and Pharmacy Skill Development (PSD) utilising simulated patients from Year 1.


PBL provides students with the opportunity to work collaboratively to solve real-world problems, enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Industrial/clinical visits provide students with a practical understanding of the pharmacy profession and its various settings. Practical sessions allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in a hands-on, interactive setting, while PSD using simulated patients promotes the development of communication and counselling skills. These unique teaching methods not only enhance students’ knowledge and skills but also equip them with the necessary competencies to excel and to gain hands-on experience and exposure to different aspects of the pharmacy profession.


Furthermore, the curriculum emphasised the importance of lifelong learning and staying up-to-date with the latest advances in the field, which has prepared me to adapt to the constantly evolving pharmaceutical industry. Overall, I believe that the unique combination of theoretical and practical experiences offered by BPharm in IMU has prepared me to be a well-rounded pharmacist, capable of thriving in various pharmacy settings.


I am extremely grateful for the exceptional education and training I have received at IMU, which has provided me with a solid foundation for both my career and entrepreneurial endeavours. Through this programme, I have learned the importance of working collaboratively with others and striving for excellence in all that I do. I am deeply appreciative of the faculty who have supported me in my academic journey and inspired me to pursue my goals with enthusiasm and dedication. Thanks to the comprehensive curriculum, I have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement, which have helped me to become a well-rounded and adaptable individual capable of navigating the challenges of the modern business world.


To sum it all up, I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to IMU, especially my fellow lecturers in the faculty of BPharm (Hons), for equipping me with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to succeed in my career and personal pursuits.

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