A Once in a Lifetime Experience: My Journey Towards a Chiropractic Degree at IMU and RMIT University

Being involved in gymnastics and dance, I had the first-hand opportunity of experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care since young. I had many positive experiences and great chiropractor role models which strengthened my resolve to pursue my chiropractic studies at IMU. The journey to graduation was not easy; with 2 years at IMU in Malaysia and 3 more years at RMIT University in Australia.


At IMU, it was 5 full days of classes packed back-to-back, but during that time, I made friends who helped me to achieve my very best. After completing my second year at IMU, I decided to transfer to RMIT University to see what it had to offer.


Long story short, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over here, in addition to great mentors and lecturers, there are additional courses that enable you to develop further as a chiropractor even after you have graduated. Both Dr Janice and Dr Katy can attest to this, as they are both RMIT alumni! If you are as adventurous and as passionate about the profession as me, you would not regret doing the credit transfer!


Living in Australia definitely took some getting used to, especially with the time difference and the weather, which vastly differs from Malaysia. A famous saying by Melbournians is “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”; and that is indeed something the happens quite frequently here! We can experience up to 4 seasons in a day; one minute sweltering hot at 40° and the next minute we get hailstones.


Additionally, the time zone difference can be challenging at times, especially the day after travelling on a grueling 8-hour flight from KL to Melbourne. I have an ongoing inside joke with my friends where when we first arrived in Melbourne, we decided to meet up the next day at 9am local time. Unfortunately for all of us, we underestimated the impact of the time zone difference and all of us missed our alarms and we only met up at 12pm that day. Befittingly, we nicknamed our group chat “9am” as a way to commemorate our first blunder of many to come.

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