IMU’s Dietetics with Nutrition Alumnus Successfully Credentialed as Registered Dietitian in US

“IMU’s curriculum provides extensive topics and key domains that were delivered with comprehensive lecture notes, which are all pre-requisite requirements to pass the Commission Dietetic Registration (CDR) examination for RDN, as the exam covered specific topics that were all covered throughout the IMU’s curriculum. I was exposed to activities like problem-based learning (PBL) sessions, weekly practicum case presentations, and clinical simulation lab activities throughout the four years in IMU, which helped me tremendously to excel in these activities.”


“Moreover, I had the pleasure to learn and perform the Nutrition Focused Physical Examination (NFPE), a set of very current hands-on physical examination skills at the IMU clinical simulation lab during my last semester, which motivated me to pursue a master’s degree as it expanded my understanding of the dietitian’s scope of practice in clinical settings.” said Dennis (An IMU Dietetics with Nutrition graduate of cohort DN116 who graduated in November 2020).


Dennis is very appreciative on his learning experience in IMU. “I would say that the learning experience in IMU ensured me to pass the clerkship in the Rutgers with ease. Graduating from the Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition has assisted me in developing my competency as an entry-level dietitian, in terms of refining my clinical judgment in performing nutrition care processes for diverse medical conditions. Furthermore, it broadened my perspective on the spectrum of dietetics practice and allowed me to forge a new path towards pursuing and mastering a specific clinical dietitian specialisation, such as nutrition support in critical and palliative care.”

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