From Ambition to Accomplishment: Realizing My Long-awaited Dream of Obtaining a Master’s Degree in the midst of a Pandemic

Because I started my postgraduate degree during the COVID-19 MCO, all classes were conducted online. However, I must applaud IMU for conducting it in a very structured and organised manner. Classes, assignments, and group discussions were all done through TEAMS meetings. Even though there were no face-to-face sessions due to the MCO, the lecturers managed it very efficiently with constant feedback, updates, and communications with students which ensured a smooth sailing educational journey for us despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


As part of the programme, I underwent my clinical placement face-to-face at a tertiary care public hospital which gave me a lot of insights into various healthcare services and gained advanced pharmacy practice skills.


I am very grateful to all the lecturers and staff at IMU who were very supportive throughout my education journey. Throughout my 2.5 years with IMU, I have gained invaluable knowledge and expertise that aligns perfectly with my professional goals. This MPP programme has empowered me with an in-depth understanding of clinical pharmacy, thus allowing me to make evidence-based decisions to optimise patient outcomes. All of these acquired skills will help me advance in my chosen career, hopefully in the pharmacy field – which is where I want to spend the rest of my days helping others!


Written by Siaw Mun Li

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