IMU Chiropractic Students’ Role in the 2023 Philippine Chiropractic Community Health Project

There’s one memory that stands out: an elderly lady, heavily reliant on her crutch, walked away without needing it after our session. This instant transformation reiterated the value and importance of my chosen profession. The sheer joy, evident in her stride and smiles, was both humbling and rewarding.


However, it wasn’t just about the medical assistance. The emotional connections forged were just as significant. From words of thanks to heartwarming gestures like hugs and high-fives, every individual reminded me of why I was on this path. Their reactions, their stories, their hopes rekindled my passion and belief in the adage, “Love is not about getting, but giving.”


During our stay, many expressed their wish to continue treatments, even hinting at following us back to Malaysia—a testament to the genuine care and difference we made. As a student, these interactions were enlightening. They moved beyond textbook knowledge, delving into the intricacies of real-world healthcare and the deep-seated trust patients place in their caregivers.


In reflecting upon this journey, the experience has been transformative. The hands-on application of my academic learning, coupled with the challenges and triumphs in the field, has enriched my professional and personal growth.


In conclusion, I urge others, especially my peers, to seek out such experiences. Not only do they shape us as professionals, but they also allow us to witness firsthand the immeasurable impact of dedicated community service. Remember, the richness of experience holds lessons no classroom can teach.


Written by Tan Xin Yi

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