Chen Xiaorui: My Pursuit of Knowledge in Chinese Medicine at IMU

Growing up with having the autonomy to make my own decisions, I was allowed to make my own choices throughout my educational journey. It all started with me selecting the science stream during my secondary years, choosing the ideal Pre-University course and ultimately opting for the IMU Chinese Medicine for my undergraduate studies. All these decisions are linked to one another, just like assembling gears in precision machinery, allowing me to pursue my dream. Looking back to the 4.5 years spent at IMU studying Chinese Medicine, I can proudly say that I have found the perfect piece that enlightens my perspective and plays an inspiring guide for my future career.


At IMU, we have the privilege to embrace the beauty of Chinese Medicine in English, an important medium to connect and explain Chinese Medicine to the rest of the world. My fundamental knowledge of Chinese Medicine was built through the well-organised Chinese Medicine modules and the integration of Western Medicine classes. We had the chance to explore anatomy, pharmacology, radiology, physiology, and pathology which ensured our readiness for future practice in the modern world.


My interest in Chinese Medicine grew steadily as we proceeded into the clinical modules in the later semesters such as internal medicine, traumatology and paediatric. IMU also provides us with the invaluable opportunity to explore our interest in various clinical specialties through the internship training. I have used this opportunity to refine my clinical skills, learn the art of communication and embrace the moral and empathetic attributes of a skilled Chinese Medicine practitioner.


Furthermore, with the guidance and support of my mentor and lecturers, the challenges encountered throughout my entire academic journey, especially the difficulties faced during the internship, became more manageable.

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