Savanna Chua Jing Min: My Journey of Learning and Growth at IMU

Studying in International Medical University (IMU) is a decision that I will never regret. Although it was all started virtually, I had the opportunity to gain a well-organised educational experience. I think competent and knowledgeable faculty are at the heart of IMU’s commitment to providing a high-quality education. They go above and beyond simply delivering information by actively engaging students through a variety of interactive teaching methods. My journey in IMU is more than just acquiring knowledge; it’s about self-discovery, growth, and preparing for the future.


I had completed my placement in health clinics under the Ministry of Health and Sports Nutrition Academy. It was my pleasure to be able to manage different cases under the Department of Maternal and Child Health. Throughout my placement, I allowed myself to try and learn from mistakes. By utilising the skills that I have learned in university incorporated with the experience shared by my supervisor, I managed to understand each case better and was able to provide proper solutions independently.


Whereas in the field of sports nutrition, I am grateful to be attached with the Penang state level athletes. Besides gaining all the valuable sports specific nutrition knowledge, I have enhanced my professionalism by communicating and cooperating with the coaches, the athletes and the parents.


Overall, the placement not only provided a good opportunity for me to experience real work setting, it also directed me to grow as a person.

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