Dr Dhivya Dhyana = Discipline and Determination

We hear the words medical student and perhaps most of us imagine somebody completely enmeshed in all things academia; textbooks, medical journals and learning a multitude of cumbersome information. It would be hard to picture anything but.


We also unanimously agree that completing medical school is no easy feat and so the last thing that comes to mind is medical student equals to beauty queen, as in literally. An actual pageant winning, crown and sash wearing beauty queen. The concept of beauty with brains has long been challenged, defined, and re-defined across time and we know now more than ever that this concept is ever evolving and can be interpreted in more ways than one.

As beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder and so many attributes of a person contribute to his/her beauty, the emphasis here is not so much on the surface points – inarguably Dr Dhivya is a delight for the eyes and as far as society goes, she is a valued member. She brings a different definition to beauty with brains by exemplifying core strengths we could all use in our own lives, discipline, and determination. Two words we have all heard and been drummed into at one point or another of our lives either by our loving parents and well-meaning teachers, lecturers, and tutors. Dr Dhivya is living proof of just how much a person can achieve with these two virtues.

Dr Dhivya was adamant to study medicine despite coming from a family with strong business acumen and background and she had her mind and heart set on competing in the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant before she began her grueling housemanship journey. Hence a plan was formed and laid down to a T.

Dr Dhivya formulised that she had to join various pageants to ensure that she would be well equipped with experience before joining the prestigious Miss Universe Malaysia pageant. This meant joining a pageant each year while keeping up with her studies and ensuring she did not fall back at any time.

She shared that she was under considerable pressure to keep everything going well simultaneously as it was as if she was living a double life.


Within the pageant community it was known that she was a medical student however she went to great lengths to conceal this information from anyone in IMU as she simply wanted to do away with any judgements or preconceived notions. And while it was strenuous to keep her two lives running smoothly, meeting her goals was her ultimate driving force, she admits. In fact, Dr Dhivya reckoned that it was her ego that did not allow her to slip, in fact her journey gave a whole new spin to the word ego.

Dr Dhivya explained that she had a burning desire to prove that she could handle competing in pageants while completing her studies and so she meticulously planned her studying hours and assignment due dates together with time consuming pageant requirements. This meant that it left her with little to no room for hanging out with friends or leisurely activities during her student days, but Dr Dhivya is low on regrets as she was ticking things off her bucket list as far as she was concerned. She acknowledged that her days were long and hectic, but every second was filled with smashing her goals. She shared that all it took was to give her all consistently and tirelessly.

Perhaps in the reader’s mind an imposing figure is formed as you read on about Dr Dhivya, but nothing could be further than the truth. Dr Dhivya shared her journey with utmost humility and warmth befitting pageant royalty. She looks back on all that she has done with so much thanks to higher powers and to family and friend who encouraged and supported her throughout.

While she has achieved so much of her goals, Dr Dhivya remains ever so grounded and excited to see where life will take her.  In her mind, she is her biggest competition, always striving to achieve her goals and dreams simply so she could look back with no regrets.

As Dr Dhivya gracefully continues to check things off her exciting to do list, all of us at IMU stand proud to continuously cheer her on and revel in the knowledge that another IMU Alumni is shining bright.

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