The Journey of IMU Medicine Alumni

These experiences were a stark reminder of the human aspect of medicine, as I learned to communicate with patients, understand their fears, and provide compassionate care.


With its clinical campuses in Seremban and in Johor, IMU provides an amazing opportunity for medical students to learn and understand not only the theory and application of medicine, but also the slight yet noticeable difference in culture and patients between the states which is important in brushing up one’s soft skills required as a future medical professional.


Some advice I find to be particularly useful during my time as a medical student is to not be afraid to approach your seniors. In all honesty, seniors are extremely helpful in providing guidance not only in the studying part of medical school, but they also provide tips on small details in pre-clinical and clinical years that are vital in surviving and even flourishing in medical school. Of course, try not to bother them too much especially during their exam periods, but otherwise, most seniors would be more than happy to help and guide you as much as they can.


All in all, always remember that medical school is not just about studying. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, and your life too!

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