A Medical Doctor’s Journey through a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Informatics & Analytics at IMU

I am Dr Muhamad Irfan Yasin, currently working as a Family Medicine Specialist at Tanah Puteh Government Clinic in Kuching Sarawak, since 2018. I graduated as a Family Medicine Specialist from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2013. Recently, I completed studies in Postgraduate Diploma in Health Informatics & Analytics (PgDHIA) from the International Medical University and is now planning to continue to the Master in Health Informatics & Analytics (MHIA).


My motivation for furthering my studies in health informatics at IMU is primarily to strengthen and expand my knowledge in digital health..


I played a pivotal role as a part of the core team responsible for upgrading the Electronic Medical Record system for primary care clinics in Malaysia, specifically tele-primary care clinics (TPC OHCIS). This system integrates electronic medical record system for primary care unit and dental services. Notably, my clinic is among the pioneering facilities under the Ministry of Health in implementing this programme. The expertise and consultation I provided were instrumental in the successful implementation of the electronic medical record system.


As a clinician, I have been actively participating in various information technology activities organised by the Ministry of Health. With extensive experience working in both urban and rural clinics, particularly in Sabah and Sarawak, I have dedicated myself to enhancing primary care health service. My focus is on initiatives such as Family Doctor Concept and healthcare programmes targeting adolescents and the elderly population, aligning these efforts with health informatics.


As the first Family Medicine Specialist with an area of interest in health informatics, I’m eager to explore new methods such as artificial intelligence to enhance primary healthcare practices. My commitment to quality care is evident in my team’s participation in various quality initiatives, including involvement  in innovation day, research projects,  and LEAN healthcare practices in the state of Sarawak.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, many applications were used to facilitate remote consultations. To address the issue of overcrowding at our clinic, we have  equipped it  with video conference facilities. Furthermore, we have an appointment system in place called “Bookdoc”. I am also actively involved in various clinic activities related to Non-Communicable Disease, HIV and Tuberculosis. It is not surprising that all dedicated programmes in the clinic use apps or IT software to securely manage data.

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