From Biomedical Science Beginnings to Molecular Medicine Mastery: A Research Expedition

As my postgraduate research progressed, I witnessed the evolution of my analytical abilities and the refinement of experimental techniques. Mastery of cell culture methodologies, precise execution of cytotoxicity assays, and adept handling of ELISA techniques became second nature. Gaining proficiency in these techniques throughout the Master’s programme broadened my expertise and established me as a skilled researcher within my research journey.


Concluding my Master’s journey was a transformative chapter, progressing from foundational microbiology lab techniques to pioneering research on the cytotoxicity of O. sinensis on keratinocyte cells. This evolution not only honed my technical skills but also emphasized the significance of effective time management and continuous learning. These qualities will undoubtedly shape my future contributions to the scientific landscape.


Written by: Yong Yi Keng who graduated with her MSc in Molecular Medicine in November 2023.

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