IMU Pharmacy Alumna, Vilashini Saravanan, Shines Within and Beyond IMU

Vila completed both her Provisional Registration (PRP) and Full Registration (FRP) at a local medical centre, gaining extensive knowledge in the private hospital pharmacy setting. During her FRP, she independently developed and implemented a critical care antibiotic therapy training programme for nurses as well as a self-initiated antibiotic training programme for pharmacists, showcasing leadership and educational skills.


Currently, she works as an Engagement Specialist at one of the reputed pharmaceutical companies, where she plays a crucial role in driving compliant and seamless engagement among Healthcare Professionals, External Experts, and Healthcare Organisations globally.


Recently, Vila was invited as a panel speaker for Pharmacist Without Borders, where she contributed to the discussion on “21st Century and the Need for Market-Compatible Pharmacy Syllabus – A Students’ Perspective.” This platform allowed her to share insights alongside esteemed panellists from Canada, USA, Pakistan, and India, providing a diverse perspective on shaping the future of pharmacy education.


Reflecting on her experience, she emphasized that the syllabus at IMU aligns with the dynamic needs of a pharmacist in Malaysia. She discussed the relevance of theory and practical application, highlighting the comprehensive knowledge acquired during her education, particularly in pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacy.


Her personal journey attests to the importance of a well-tailored pharmacy education that aligns with real-life expectations. As the pharmacy profession in Malaysia has evolved, with pharmacists now practicing in various sectors, the curriculum at IMU has proven instrumental in preparing graduates for diverse career paths.


In conclusion, Vilashini stands as a shining example of the impact of quality education in shaping successful professionals. Her achievements, both within and beyond IMU, highlight the significance of a holistic and market-compatible pharmacy syllabus in preparing graduates for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century pharmaceutical landscape.


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