Strengthening Community Ties Through Philippines Chiropractic Mission

“I’m honored that I was a part of this outreach programme. As a chiropractor, I’ve always wished to help as many people as I can. Throughout this journey, I was able to see numbers of underprivileged people having various problems due to lack of healthcare coverage and complications from their daily activities. Most of them were able to move better and felt relieved after the treatment. I was happy that I was able to contribute to helping them with their problems. The people there were very friendly and grateful, as this community service doesn’t happen every day.”


“This opportunity taught me how to be more empathetic and adapt to patients when there’s a language barrier. Additionally, the hospitality from the organising team, Intercare, was wonderful. They were very accommodating to us. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and exploring different cultures. This trip helped me expand my knowledge learning new skills from different chiropractors.”

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