Alumni Association Committee

We are always looking for alumni to join the Alumni Association Committee. You do not need to be a Board member to serve on a committee or volunteer to test the waters on a committee before applying for Board membership. It is a great way to meet the people who are the driving force of the Alumni Association Committee and to make a difference in your own particular field of interest Healthcare sectors. Below is a brief description of the vision & mission of committee, along with the contact information for the committee chairs.

Vision Statement

Alumni Association Committee strives to inspire a lifetime engagement by enriching the lives of alumni and students through lifelong partnership with IMU.

Mission Statement

AAC is dedicated to create a university that fosters a sense of community and instils in its students a lifelong commitment to their alma mater. AAC helps create a culture of philanthropy on campus by encouraging students & alumni to participate in programs that inspire in healthcare development and community services.

Dr Paul Chan Hong Kit , President of the Alumni Association Committee 2023-2024



It gives me great honour for being part of the Alumni Association Committee for the term 2023/2024.

Stepping back into my alma mater brings back memories of those times when I step foot into the healthcare industry. The journey into this niche service industry is challenging with ups and downs.

I was part of the first batch of medical students that moved into the Bukit Jalil campus back in 1999. Then, of course, the building was empty and only one of the 3 floors was open for students. Our batch was also the group that moved into the new IMU Clinical School in Seremban and the first to be in the Batu Pahat Campus. All those constant shifting and moving around made us adaptable to change as it was always unpleasant to uproot ourselves from our comfort zones. This unpleasantness, however, gave each one of us a story to tell. This story will pass on decades later, just like what I’m doing now, penning down that story 20 years down the road.

The Alumni Association gives us the perfect platform for each and every one of us to tell our stories. All our stories are worth telling. Being an Alumni, it allows us to connect and re-connect. My mentor used to tell me “It is not what you know but who you know that matters”. Despite all the advanced knowledge we acquire throughout our education, it is not adequate for us to sustain and succeed in the marketplace. We need mentors, buddies, friends, and colleagues to help us go through the working world. Where else can we get these ‘connections’ if it is not from within the Alumni Association?

Therefore, I hope throughout this term, more IMU graduates can be reconnected. I hope that with the activities planned throughout the term, we can grow our Alumni family.

Share your stories with us in this family. Your story will inspire our young family members now and even decades down the road.

Be in touch with the Members

Dr Paul Chan Hong Kit

President, ME2/98

Dr Lavanya Narayanan

Vice President, ME2/08

Dr Ng Ka Ting

Secretary, ME2/11

Ms Chua Kai Jia

Assistant Secretary, DN1/08

Dr Lee Jin Yun

Treasurer, ME1/17

To contact the Alumni Association Committee Members please email them at or call at 03-2731 7746.